MEOW & HOWL PET SITTING began in 2012; we are still going strong and love our work!

A few reasons why hiring a professional pet sitter are the way to go:

If you are new to the area or hesitant to ask friends or relatives to visit your pet due the time commitment it requires then a dedicated, professional pet sitter is the answer.

Peace of Mind. Taking the time to find a trustworthy pet sitter will do more than keep your pet and home safe, it will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away. We always communicate frequently so you never have to “guess” how things are going.

Service tailored to your needs. Each pet and each home is unique. Your pet will receive individualized care. We follow your specific home and pet care instructions. .

Quality, Personal Care. Just like people, pets get lonely. As professional pet sitters, we make sure he/she receives the attention and exercise needed in your absence. You’ll come home to a happier pet as a result.

Familiar environment. When you leave home, your pet won’t have to. Having a professional sitter ensures your pet is at home in a safe and familiar environment. Feeding and exercise routines will be kept nearly the same. You never have to worry about transporting them which is much less stressful for both of you.

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Meow and Howl Pet Sitting provides in-home care for your pet while you are away. In addition to being your pet sitter, we are also able to take care of daily household chores.

In-home Pet Sitting

We spend time with your pets in the safety and security of their home. We make sure that they are fed, given fresh water, and given lots of TLC.

Vacation and Chore Services

Meow & Howl Pet Sitting will visit your home every day during your vacation. Instead of boarding your pet in a kennel or cage facility, we care for them in their familiar environment. .

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What Clients Say Recent reviews

I can't speak highly enough of Nyla's service She took maticulous notes on how we care for our two greyhounds and ensured they were taken care o,f in our absence. She walked tmem better lhan we do and they always perk up when they see her now!

Evan J.
Martinez, CA

Nyla sat for our dog, Sophie for two weeks. She was great. She and Sophie got along well and Sophie was great when we returned home, Sophie had stayed at a kennel when we traveled, but she was always a nervous wreck when we returned home. lt is so much better to have a home sitter storing your dog at a kennel.

Tony W.
Concord, CA

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